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Infinite ITC has built its business organically with the breadth of specialty businesses in the staffing industry. We tailor enterprise solutions through our expertise & experience. We offer a group of customizable staff augmentation services that fit to meet your business needs. We are edging our clients business via meeting quickly and cost-effective recruitment services for various levels across all management disciplines & industries with highly skilled professionals on a permanent as well as contract basis we continuously seek to identify, acquire, and hire the highest caliber professionals to our team

Business Solutions & Consulting

Consulting & Staffing

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What We Do

1 Consulting & Staffing

Our specialized recruiters connect you with the huge and wide range of talent across the power, utilities and alternative energy industries.

2 Outsourcing

Brings accumulated experience and facilitates knowledge sharing to foster technological expertise.

3 Executive Placements

Hiring adequate quality of people and nurture personal growth in a challenging environment.

3 Virtual Staffing

To assist and encourage the cultural understanding and strengthen international relationships via an empathetic, trusted and profitable staffing experience.


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  • Manufacturing

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  • Technology & IT

  • Energy

  • Healthcare

  • Oil & Gas

  • Retail


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